We want to rescue traditions that, beyond a plate and a glass, are transferred to their environment, their music, their smells and sensations. The idea of ​​sharing at home takes over a letter that we constantly renew, composed by generous sources that go to the center of the table and where each one decide the portions that he wants to taste.


Between stews prepared for long hours, tasty dressings that do not seek delicacy but memories, sandwiches, chilcanos, beers and classic cocktails. We want to be the meeting point between these wonderful old taverns and you, eager to try again the flavors were losing in the time.


Amigos todos,

Volvemos a prender los fuegos, a hacer sonar las ollas, a alzar los cucharones, y a agitar las cocteleras.

Esta vez para llevarte un pedacito de nuestra esquina barranquina a tu casa con todo el cariño de siempre.

Recuerda poner un vals, acompañar con un pisquito o una cerveza y hacer un brindis por el Perú.

Muchas gracias!

Jose del Castillo