After studyng journalism and business administration, José get in the D’Gallia Institute, where came his true passion: the traditional and homemade cuisine of Peru. He was 28 years old and he had a lot of flavor to share.


In 2001 he took the reins of La Red, his mother’s restaurant (Isolina Vargas) founded in 1981. Under his leadership, the restaurant became a benchmark in the Lima gastronomy circuit, consolidating in 2009 with the opening of its second location. Fish and seafood led the new proposal of the letter, but without abandoning its creole origins.


In 2015 Isolina opened its doors, a tribute to his mother whose culinary proposal seeks to rescue the forgotten flavors in old cookbooks and to value the food of yesteryear. Currently, José works on this adventure always thinking in a new meeting point for all those who like to eat delicious around a good table.